About us

#SailingDelight It's the idea of ​​making yourself and your surroundings more pleasant. We see good coming back, often faster than it seems. With open minds we look for better solutions which causes that "sailing" through life becomes more and more enjoyable.

In our yachting case, it means enjoying a perfectly equipped and maintained catamaran. And making sure that the invited guests during their stay feel better than they expect - just like in paradise.

Skipper #SailingDelight always puts its crew first. He makes sure that crew has as much fun as possible and does not hurt themself and the environment ;)

He always chooses the best beach, town, island, cave to explore, and he moors the closest attractions in the port, shore, shop or tavern.

Skipper always adjusts daily schedule to the current situation: the willingness and energy of the crew, wind and sun conditions and other possibilities. On board, he notices things that can be done more conveniently, more pleasantly and funny, and does not waste opportunities to create funny memories.

It's simple - many people already do it, not knowing that we called this idea #SailingDelight, so after all, it is enough to open your mind to the needs and ideas in the nearby surroundings!

What we offer?

We work with yacht / catamaran owners, we care not only about businesses and their machines, but also people who inspire their surroundings.

  • Write to us for a tailor-made vacation.
  • Rent a catamaran from a trusted shipowner.
  • Join the community - we are always open to good people.

We are a community where the most important are people and trust, after companies, shares and agreements. Not all people supporting the idea of our community want to be visible to the public.

If you want to verify a person who introduces himself as our member, always transfer it and confirm it via [email protected] or our Fanpage @SailingDelight.

Of course, you make reservations in the results of transparent companies that issue legal invoices and we guarantee them with our Tourist Guarantee.

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