The Greek Islands are undoubtedly one of the most charming places in Europe. A cruise on this reservoir will take you to the ancient world full of wild coves, houses with blue roofs, beautiful beaches, all surrounded by crystal clear, azure water. Hundreds of islets at various distances give the helmsman the opportunity to prepare a route ideally suited to the preferences and capabilities of the crew. This destination is great for people who are trying to sail for the first time, for those who like to sail more, and for those who prefer short distances, and spend most of their cruise time on land, learning about local culture or tasting extremely tasty Greek cuisine. Only on a cruise will you fully experience the Greek atmosphere by visiting the wonderful Cyclades, the Saronic Gulf or the Ionian Islands, which you can only reach with your floating apartment. In fact, Greece is a guarantee of good weather and a great place for a cruise on pre- and post-seasonal dates, where Croatia is a bit too cold. Great air connections allow you to get on a cruise from many Polish cities for very little money.