First time

No need to fear, Sailing Delight is all about 'yachting', and not rope pulling or listening to your captain yelling.

  • Our „holiday apartment” is with us at all time, by the beach, close to the centre, by the bar, or while night-time cruising

  • A „Swimming pool”? The best one there is and it’s a stone throw away. Crystal clear water right over the side and a variety of starting blocks to dive from.

  • A Heatwave? Be it by the shadow of our sails, cool sea breeze or airconditioned indoors that we will “keep our cool”.

  • A Fridge? Usually no further than 5m away, filled with freshly squeezed orange juice from the fruit we picked one island ago, with a cold regional ‘brew’ (we’ve just passed the brewery, have you missed it?) or those shrimps from that fisherman we met yesterday.

  • Sailing? Easy peasy lemon squeezy. We call it “the New Sailing Formula”. Skipper is qualified to run the boat singlehanded. The rest of the team can learn if they only want to, but if not – there are plenty other tasks! Somebody has to work on his/her suntan, on that local brew six-pack or on admiring astonishing views – many ‘jobs’ to fill in!

  • Your Bedroom is also no further than 5m away and it has this great magic feature – you wake up in a different place every day!

  • Snorkeling? There’s a perfect spot, right there, you see? Mask, snorkel and fins - in the closet.

  • Jumping dolphins? While it could be tricky to dive in with them, there’s nothing we like to watch more.

  • Local restaurants? We are on our way. BTW, the diner with the best sea view and sunrise/sunset over a little cove – is right on board.

  • „And what if I break stuff?” … a mug, the sink, the rudder, the engine, the whole yacht?! Chill, we’re insured ;)

  • Sea-Doo? Towed parasail? These guys are right there – you wanna join’em? Wakeboard? Surfing? Get up on the board, I’ll tow you with a dinghy, it has this cool 20HP outboard. You wanna flyboard? A.I.P., man. Anything Is Possible

O sorry, there is one thing you can’t do on a good yacht, and that is - to be bored. ;)

Yachting IS a ‘must have’ experience – unless you want to spend yet another holiday somewhere between some hotel bar and a pool and guided tours.

FAQ - General

Do I need to be a seasoned sailor?

Absolutely not - every boat comes with an experienced skipper of ours, who will brief you about all the “dos and don’ts” within the first 10 minutes, and he will show you how much fun you can have yachting.

I haven’t even tried a pedal boat on the Serpentine pond in Hyde Park - is a seagoing cruise really something for me?

Seagoing yachts couldn’t be more different from sailing dinghies you might have seen on an inland lake or a pond. These are big, well ballasted and well-equipped vessels that resemble a floating piece of a real estate. Or an apartment. Don’t you worry, you will love our “New Sailing Formula” from day one and if you only want to - you can get a ‘crash course’ in yacht driving right away (don’t be alert, the skipper is only pretending he isn’t helping you, while in fact - he is standing by on watch, making sure there is no actual ‘crash’)

I can’t swim, is that an issue?

Nope, that’s what boats are for. 😉 We often visit beaches with shallow water, and while in deep water - even proficient swimmers sometimes prefer to use a comfy life vest as a flotation aid and just let themselves drift in nice warm water. Yachts we choose are designed to be unsinkable and untippable, and it is actually quite hard to fall over the side. Many of our skippers are also trained as lifeguards and/or instructors and will gladly share some advice on how to feel more comfortable and secure while in the water.

So, what’s life onboard like?

You will spend most of your time onboard above deck, chilling, listening to music and hanging out in the shade in the cockpit, or out there on the ample foredeck space, sunbathing and enjoying the sound of the waves. You will get many chances to admire the landscape, little coves and inlets, rock formations and/ or other yachts – unlike many other companies we try and sail close enough so that you see everything clearly and without binoculars. Below deck there’s a spacious saloon with a fully equipped kitchenette. You can fix yourself a snack anytime or you can choose to have it magically appear in front of you (spoiler alert - it’s not actual magic, it’s a hostess’ or a chef’s doing…). We advise on your shopping list so that very rarely you run out of something.

The Salon is also a convenient space to take your laptop out and get some work done over yacht’s own WiFi. The yacht is equipped with between 2 and 5 fully functional bathrooms, a shower and a toilet; hot water included. Fresh water tanks will be topped up in every port, although our favourite catamarans come with water-makers that will desalinise sea water as we go.

Also below deck we have separate cabins with either double or bunk beds, your private place where you can go and take a rest day and night. And by the time you alight well rested we’ll have arrived in a yet another beautiful spot. The ‘CHARTER’ tab on our website will take you to more detailed descriptions and photos of sailing yacht and catamarans we sail.

Who’s drives the boat?

Every boat comes with a professional skipper of ours, who takes responsibility for the safety of the yacht and everybody onboard. What’s important for our New Sailing Formula is that you can experience driving the boat yourself, under careful yet discreet supervision. Since the Skipper takes care of the crew, it is customary that the crew takes care of the Skipper as well – that means that the Skipper is excluded from chipping in for the boat kitty.

What’s a „boat kitty’?

It’s a handy solution for all the cost you will share among yourselves: food, drink, marina fees, fuel etc. Usually comes down to a 100-200€ per person per week.

How much time do we spend ashore and onboard?

You spend as much time as you want where you want – it’s your holiday and that’s exactly why you got this yacht in a first place.

What do I need to pack?

We email you a complete checklist that will cut down you packing time to under 20 minutes – it contains nothing more than what you usually pack for holidays.

Is there electricity on board?

Yes. There are several 12V DC and 230V AC (domestic) sockets. 12V DC are live at all times and you can charge your phone, tablet, camera anytime. 230V AC is connected to shore power while in a marina. However, most of the yachts we choose have something called an inverter, which feeds 230V AC (domestic) power from yacht’s battery bank, at all times.

How to cook onboard?

There’s a fully equipped kitchen that includes at minimum: gas cooker, oven, tableware and fridge; often also a BBQ and a freezer. You – the crew – will decide on whether you want to take turns cooking or hire a recommended hostess or even a chef.

Do you provide transportation to/from embarking/disembarking point?

We advise on best flights and airport shuttle options, and we will email you all the details you need to arrive safely and comfortably.

Will you be taking pictures?

On a private charter - it is entirely up to you. On a bigger organized cruise with several boats - yes, we will be taking photos and quite a lot of them too. If you don’t want to be featured in our photos to be used as promotional material, please be sure to let us know beforehand. We do take our guests’ privacy very seriously.